folQ is inactive, due to Andreas Akesson´s fulltime commitments with

Short History


folQ is a Spin Off BRAND, origionated from the performance marketing agency, AIC - Active Internet Consulting SL. 


The company was founded in 2000 and has many million Euros of experience managing online advertising campaigns. 

AIC Reference Clients 

Gerardo Cabañas : Country Manager "I have worked with Andreas for more than one decade. He was empoyed at Autoscout24 until he left to start his own company. During all that time he has contributed to the developement and growth of our company with his fully-proven experteese in marketing and online solutions. He's a reliable and trustfull business partner"

Andres Fernandez Longa : Marketing Director. "Andreas has been able to understand the needs, particularities and opportunities of our business extremely fast and accurately. Andreas and his team ware able to generate quality, quantity and cost effective buyers for our e-commerce start-up and thus have been an active part of our success".

Heinz Laumann , Marketing Director. "I engaged AIC in Spain. Andreas was running virtually all Online Marketing activities for FriendScout24 in Spain very successfully against Meetic and 
Andreas is an extraordinary person. He is very professional, always optimistic and never in a bad mood"

Diana Palomares (Lead Generation)  "I met Andreas when he was at AIC, helping with our SEM at Regal Insurance Club. In 2004, when Regal started e-commerce, about 2% of the policies were sold online. This was when AIC started collaborating with us. In 2008, it had rose to about 20%. Andreas is one of the best SEO-SEM professionals I've ever met. He tought me how SEO-SEM could be managed easily and efficiently. He is a very skilled professional and an extremely proactive person. He is also very well connected and known, to the extent that, he has a keen sense of what is going on-line and which are the tendances, I highly recommend him. " 

Other Key Clients


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