folQ is inactive, due to Andreas Akesson´s fulltime commitments with


Business Development & Talents in the DIGITAL INDUSTRY


Every year 1000s of companies with INTERNET as their marketplace are created. It’s a space where entrepreneurial dreams come true, with high exit returns. Two ways to grow Digital Advertising Solutions (Companies) are through unique technologies or to expand into new markets. folQ understand the next trends in technology and has proven experience in the GO TO new markets/channels.  


Type of clients : 


- Advertising Technologies

- Data Technologies

- Marketing Technologies

- Programmatic solutions 

- eCommerce Players

- Brand Companies

- Agencies (Creative, Media, Consultancy)

- Media Groups

- Classifieds

- Content agregators


folQ´s role is to empower solutions that already is a success. To make it simple for our customers to test a new market or channel in order to increase their options in growth. 



folQ arrives from the Anglo-Saxo term “Folk” meaning PEOPLE. folQ are aiming to match the HAVES and NEEDS of PEOPLE in the Digital Advertising Industry


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