Due to a Full-Time commitment with, Active Internet Consulting is inactive and is not open to offer services. 


The decision was based on a very simple principal, Andreas Akesson´s interest to join,


Few Adtech Companies are neutral and capable of developing their own products with the same passion as is loyal on their principals, promising the ADVERTISERs the best Digital AD creation, delivery, tracking, optimization capabilities, placement and the utilization of DATA. 


The significance of being Media Agnostic is crucial in the times that the Advertisers NEEDs to take back the control of their advertsing strategy. Its been too long that technology has been utilized to confuse, cheat and underdeliver. is one of very few Ad Tech companies that offer a FullStack Platform with the following functions:



Trading (DSP)

DATA Management (DMP)

RichMedia/Video/Mobile/Display formats : html5 Studio


Have a look in the adforms creative showroom


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